Thursday, August 18, 2016

La Deuxième Semaine

Fashion says "me too," style says "only me."

Bustier: Current XXVII
Shorts and belt: Zara
Shoes and purse: Aldo
Jewelery and Headband: World Market, fab'rik, and Francesca's 

More time to explore... and SHOP
I discovered three really great boutiques today.  NAF NAF which is a modern store designed for young women; very similar styles to what is found at fab'rik, which is the boutique I interned at last school year.  The location I went to had three floors.  And I bought two belts, a scarf, and a crazy fun tulle dress that is the perfect cross between Carrie Bradshaw and an actual swan. (You will be hearing more about this dress in my next post!)  The next two shops I fell in love with were vintage stores (Kilo Shop and Vintage Standards,) both very similar in styles, but one was about 5 times the size of the other (being about the size of an american grocery store.)  At those stores I bought a pair of total mom jeans, a bandana, polka dotted pants, and some flowy rust coloured pants.  All these new items you will be seeing later on...


Vintage Levis:  Kilo Shop
Top: Forever XXII
Shoes: fab'rik
Purse: Aldo
Headband: Alter'd State

Today we visited the center of Paris!  That is were you see our feet in that third photo.  This hidden gem is located right in front of Notre Dame Cathedral.  As we walked around the front of the cathedral I saw a group of about 100 pigeons with people surrounding them.  There I met a man that handed me some seeds and the birds began flying up to my hand.  It was so much fun!  I felt like the old women that sat on the stairs feeds pigeons in Mary Poppins movie.

Shirt: Forever XXII
Pants: Vintage Standards
Shoes: fab'rik
Purse: Aldo

I did two exciting things today between my boring bank appointments and gathering paperwork for my French residents card.
Today we finally went into the Panthéon.  After walking past it for days and days and using it's cobble stone entry as a short cut after long days of shopping, we finally decided to buy a ticket and visit the inside.  The building is beautiful both inside and out.  Making another Mary Poppins reference, it truly was like her purse, much much bigger on the inside (or even a Doctor Who's reference, for you geeks at heart!)  Underneath the building are many tombs of famous architects, writers, and philosophers of the building's time, back in late 1700s.
The second excited thing I did today was see Suicide Squad, YES August third, two days before it was released in the United States.  Now I am not an expert DC Comics movie critic, nor is that a part of one of my c's, therefore I'll leave your opinion of the movie up to you!  I will say however it feels pretty great seeing a movie before all your friends get to and the theaters here are huge and very comfy with their large red seats.  It was definitely an experience all together.

Shirt: Vertigo
Pants, Hat, and Shoes: fab'rik

Today was the day of chocolat chaud or rather hot chocolate!  I went to two places today, but one day I hope to take the city by storm and go to all the well-known hot chocolate experts in Paris.
The first place is Amorino.  They are known for their gelato, but they also have pretty much edible hot chocolate, that you can really only enjoy with a spoons and lots of blowing on it to cool it down.  They made many different flavours such as white chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, hazelnut, carmel, vanilla, cherry, and so many more.  The restaurant was recommended by my dear friend Morgan, and it was very convent since there was one a block away from the apartment we were staying at.  The chocolat chaud there is like pudding!  Very thick and much more like a dessert than a drink.  I high recommend you try it on a snowy day in the city.
The second place we went to Angelina.  This restaurant was recommended to me back in freshman year by my French teacher.  The place is absolutely breathtaking.  The restaurant is indescribable and you must visit if you come to Paris.  The inside is historical, classy, vintage, and feminine.  This chocolat chaud was more of a drink, but still thick and creamy.  We also ate brunch there and I had a delicious eggs benedict.  The architecture inside the building resembled The Goring Hotel in London (and even the upstairs of Ladurée here in Paris) since you could tell it had so much history with the gold trim, high ceilings, and portraits of beautiful women in ballgowns.  The Goring Hotel is where Kate Middleton stayed the night before her wedding and my mother and I went there for tea time.  Therefore I would say Angelina is the hot chocolate equivalent.  Some of my favourite memories are found in places like these where you can sit, relax, drink a warm beverage and eat miniature cakes, while enjoying the company of loved ones.



Romper: Espace
Shoes: Sam Edelman
Hat: Gardening boutique in Raleigh, North Carolina
Purse: Aldo
Jacket: Express

Today can once again be divided into two occasions.  Our visit to the Fashion Forward exhibit at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs (which I mentioned in my last post) and my visit to the top of the Eiffel Tower.
Pictures two through five were all taken at the exhibited were they showed French fashion over time. The Dior dress shown in pictures five and six was absolutely amazing and it was a dream come true to see something I spent hours and hours studying and researching in person, but that was just the beginning of my Dior experiences for the week...
The last three pictures were taken on the second and third tiers of the Eiffel Tower.  The Eiffel Tower is only about two thirds of the height of the Empire State Building, but since all the buildings in Paris are much smaller than those in New York City the Eiffel Tower makes for the perfect spot to view the city from a whole new height!  They even have a champagne bar at the very top, which a nice rosé always turns a perfect date into an even more perfect one.


Shirt: Pinkie
Skirt: Dior
Shoes: Aldo
Jewelry: World Market and fab'rik

A dream come true... That is the only way I can think of to describe a day like this.
Christian Dior was from a small town on the cost of Normandy, France called Granville.  There his father worked as a wealthy fertilizer manufacturer and Christian grew up with his three sibling in a unique pink house that overlooked the beach.
Today, I visited that home and sparks few.
We started the day with a four hour train ride to the city.  Upon our arrival we realised "We're not in Kansas anymore" with the discovery that this city is the home to one singular taxi.  We decided to walk to the little pink house instead, which ended up being the best decision we made all day.  It was like opening an oyster and finding a pearl inside.  This little town was beautiful.  The three of us instantly fell in love with the salty air, local shops, and small side streets.
The exhibit shown in the home was called Femme en Dior and it expressed the way in which his designs embodied a women, not only the feminine curves of the body but also achievements she makes in her life and the passion that is lite when doing so. 
After visiting all four floors of the home we has tea in his gardens.  There we found roses and lilacs, daisies and sunflowers, rhubarb and hydrangeas.  No wonder my perfume of his is called Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet, when he has all this inspiration right under his nose!

Dress: Norstrom Rack
Shoes: Alter'd State
Bandana: Vintage Standards

Today I met George Clooney... And by George Clooney I mean a waiter named Jessy who was quite fond of me.
Le Bouillon Chartier is a hole in the wall restaurant (well that is if the hole is the size of a Target) that my freshman year French teacher also suggested.  The place was very classy aside from the fact that Mr. Clooney had quite the interest in me from the moment I walked in.  This made for a hilarious meal as after every course we had a different male member of the wait staff come to sit at our table and check out what all the fuss was about.  I made many friends that day while eating my beef tartar.
We also went to Musée D'Orsay today and it is the first Sunday of the month so admission was free.  We only had about an hour until it closed so we spent our time thoroughly exploring the first floor and I will return another time to explore the second level.

French phrase of the week: Maison de campagne (country house)
There is a big different between maison de campagne and maison de champagne, therefore maison de campagne doesn't make much sense on a welcome mat for an apartment in the city...

Kaylee Catherine


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