Saturday, February 25, 2017

La Troisième Semaine

"City streets are the real runway"

Shirt: Free People
Pants: Zara (from Vintage Standards)
Shoes: Sam Edelman

Ladurée is the home of the most famous macarons in all of Paris.  With their pale mint walls and golden detailing, they are easy to disgust and hard to forget.



Shirt: Morgan
Jeans: Fly Monkey brand from fab'rik
Shoes: fab'rik
Purse: Aldo
Watch: Michael Kors

Dress: Naf Naf
Shoes: Francesca's
Lipstick: La Diva by Chanel and Vibrant Violet by Maybelline

Tonight we went to l'Atelier Joël Robuchon.  This restaurant with two Michelin stars, located in the 7th arrondissement.  We enjoyed a 12-course dinner made by one of the most well-known french chefs, Robuchon.  This meal was simply mouth watering.  That night we befriended a lawyer who is a pilot at heart finally crossing his biggest wish off his bucket list, by flying across the Atlantic and dining at this beloved restaurant that was written about in his favorite novel.  The key factor that made this dining experience so divine was being able to watch the artist at work as they intricately build each bite and present it on the plate for your palate to enjoy.

Shirt and Leggings: Express
Shoes: Nike

Moving day:  Let's just keep it simple- A apartment seems a whole lot smaller once all your stuff is inside!

My first piece of mail in France from my dearest friend, Erica.
"You made it and I am so proud of you for never losing sight of your dreams and embarking on such an amazing adventure that others only dream of." 

Shirt: Express
Pants and Jacket: fab'rik
Shoes and Purse: Aldo

"The world is your oyster."
The first days of this journey...

"I often daydream that my life is just as it is now... Only I have well-behaved hair and I live in Paris."

Penne pasta with red pesto with fresh red and green bell peppers, camembert cheese, and fresh basil with an authentic french baguette, and 2013 Château Naudin Bordeaux

Cantaloupe with prosciutto di parma. Romaine salad with red and green bell peppers and cherry tomatoes. Pumpkin and squash soup with camembert cheese, homemade croutons, and fresh basil.  2013 Château Naudin Bordeaux.


Shirt: Express
Skirt: Abercrombie and Fitch


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