Sunday, February 10, 2019

Getting to know your blogger

Beret, Scarf, and Pants: Vintage
Shirt: Department store (Germany)

As most people do, you probably grew up with people asking you to tell them about yourself - during job interviews, when you introduced yourself to a new friend,  on the first day of class in high school, even on a first date. Well I would always say something along these lines:
My name is Kaylee. I love fashion and I am going to move to Paris someday.
...But now that I've done that, what else is there to say?

I love that I love fashion and it is a true passion of mine, but whenever someone has to explain me to someone new they always simply say "she love clothes," which is a very honest statement, non the less, however this has brought to my attention the idea of what else is there to me?  I find myself to be a very interesting person with a dynamic personality, therefore I began digging deeper into this idea.  I then came up with the theme of "getting to know your blogger."
The idea of this was inspired off of a real social media bio.  I have always been the type of person to perfectly calculate my Instagram
bio with just the right length quote, bible verse, job title, and punny adjectives; but what if your bio really was a miniature biography (or rather autobiography) about you and your likes and dislikes and interests and passions.  These are the type of things that may not be expressed at a first glance of your Instagram photos or Facebook statuses, but rather these are the quirks that you discover over a coffee on a first date, or at least you should in an ideal world were no one gets nervous and socially awkward...
So here it is, my authentic Instagram bio or your virtual coffee date with me:

I embody a bird, but the closest I get to soaring the skies is traveling around the world.  I always have a chai tea latte in my hand, a Kate Spade bag on my shoulder, and stilettos on my feet.  I adore a large party, but the only way to properly conquer them is with a glass of champagne and red lipstick.  My favorite scents are peonies in the spring and anything vintage.  I own more antique tea cups than I could possible drink out of and more books than I could ever read.  I'm quick on my feet in stressful situations, but only by God's grace.  My favorite things to look at are constellations in a clear night sky or clouds sailing on a summer day.  If I could attend the ballet and a museum every night I would be the happiest girl in Paris.  My soul belongs to a youthful woman of the 1920s, but until the day of time travel I read books by F. Scott Fitzgerald.  I express my love by giving gift and more often than not those gifts will be yummy homemade food.  Dior and vintage lingerie will forever be the heart of my fashion style choices.  Some might say I'm the typical Gemini because I try to think with both my heart and my mind, however it's not uncommon for my mind to win.  But the thing is, the wise words of Alice once said, "I knew who I was this morning, but I've changed a few times since then," and even though I'm certain of who I may be it still makes it absolutely impossible to own enough outfits for who I'm supposed to be tomorrow.

Kaylee Catherine


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