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Bonjour Mes Amours

My name is Kaylee Catherine Coerper.  I am nineteen years old and ever since I was a toddler I have had the dream of moving to Paris.  Fourteen years have gone by and I have finally done it.  I attend Paris American Academy, which is a private school in the Quartier Latin and there I study fashion and costume design.  I have dedicated this blog to my discoveries while I live here in my little fairytale.  As you read you will be able to look through my rose coloured glass and see the city of lights in my eyes.  I have broken my blog down into three subtitles: Couture, Champagne, and Canary...


What is a better way to see my experiences in the city than through my fashionable and bold outfits choices?  Here you will be able to see the street styles I wear daily while I go to class, eat in cafes, walk around the city, visit museums, and go out during the evenings.  Not only will you read about these day to day styles I will also inform you of interesting things I learn while I study.  Since I am studying fashion and costume design I will be spending lots of time reading Vogue and exploring historical clothing- can you believe I get a degree for doing things I love?


Now what's college without some little late night excursions?!  The great F. Scott Fitzgerald once said "a little party never killed nobody,"...or was that just Fergie in The Great Gatsby movie?  Oops.  Either way this section is dedicated to all my after nine fun and celebrating.  Now I must keep these stories classy and elegant, so what drink is more classy and feminine than a nice rosé champagne?  These stories will be about anywhere from my celebratory brunches with my girlfriends after a hard exam to meeting French models at silent clubs.  So lets pop some bubbly and get this party started!


     To conclude the sections of my blog we end with the final "c" word and that is canary.  Now this one has the most interesting backstory and is my personal favourite by far.  So flash back to when I was a little kid, my mom was very extravagant with her stories, and one of these stories she put much effort into was the story of my tooth fairy, Molly.  When I was kid I hated losing my teeth, but I always looked forward to writing notes to my tooth fairy when I did.  Each note I would write and sneak under my pillow with my tooth was full of question after question.  "Do you know any mermaids?"  "Who is your best friend?"  "What type of food do you eat?"  "Do you have any pets?"  And one day Molly wrote to me all about her pet.  Molly had a canary and she named it Lemon Drop.  Ever since that day I always wanted a canary, so I too could name mine Lemon Drop.
     Now flash forward to 2015.  I was the head costume designer for my high school theatre department.  We performed a one act called Cagebirds.  I felt a great connection to this production and I was very blessed to be able to design for it twice.  The second time around I grew very fond of the show and I did lots of studying to prepare myself for it.  I became so infatuated with the idea of these birds trapped in a cage I even based a whole fashion design collection around it for the AP art class I took my senior year of high school.  "I am the Wild One who doesn't belong and the cage hasn't been built that can hold me."  This play just fed off of my love for birds and inspired me in so many ways when I created my fashion pieces.
     Therefore these are the reasons that inspired me to be this canary in Paris that is finally flying free.  I hope to get a canary one day, but until then I will be the bird that flies around the city.
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